Michael W. Anson

Michael helped found BBR Partners in 2000 and is the Chief Administrative Officer and the Chief Compliance Officer. Mike’s responsibilities include overseeing the operations teams responsible for the data management of client portfolios as well as our Legal and Compliance teams. He specializes in creating systems and processes that ensure accuracy, data security and compliance. […]

Sean R. Apgar

Having joined BBR Partners in 2005, Sean is a Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory and works closely with families to help shape and execute a cohesive wealth management plan that is tailored to the needs and preferences of each client.  Investment decisions are aligned to financial strategies in a manner that also benefits from […]

Brett H. Barth

Brett founded BBR Partners in 2000 and currently serves as co-CEO, along with Evan Roth. Brett’s focus is establishing and executing the tone, culture and management structure of the firm along with setting and achieving BBR’s short and long-term goals. Brett is also a member of BBR’s Executive Committee and Investment Committee. Prior to founding […]

Scott M. Ehrlich

Scott joined BBR Partners in 2008 and is the Chief Technology Officer. Scott is responsible for the management of all aspects of BBR’s Information Technology infrastructure, development, and support. He maintains highly effective, reliable, and innovative systems in order to support the firm’s needs and future growth plans, and manages the firm’s technology vendor and […]

Michael S. Goldberg

Michael joined BBR Partners in 2003 and is a Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory, working with clients to develop and implement an overall financial strategy, managing their investments, and executing their wealth management plans. Michael has extensive experience implementing a vast array of investment and planning techniques for families and individuals with complicated financial […]

Stephanie J. Gromek

Stephanie joined BBR Partners in 2002 and is Co-Managing Partner of the firm, alongside Todd Whitenack. Stephanie and Todd serve as the day-to-day leaders of the firm, responsible for meeting BBR’s business goals and driving innovation that will continuously enhance BBR’s superior service and investment management for our client families.  Stephanie’s expertise is in working […]

Jennifer M. Joyce

Jennifer joined BBR Partners in 2004 and is the Chief Operating Officer of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory. Jennifer is responsible for executing the overall Portfolio & Wealth Advisory goals, ensuring a consistent client experience and process across the team while promoting a culture of high-quality service for our client families. She has extensive knowledge of […]

Steven R. Katz

Steven joined BBR Partners in 2003 and is a Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory, working with clients to develop their overall financial strategy, manage their investments, and integrate their investment, tax and estate planning into a cohesive wealth management plan. Steven has considerable experience structuring tax-efficient trust and estate strategies that are fully integrated […]

Barry M. Klayman

Barry joined BBR Partners in 2013 as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. As COO, he is responsible for developing, staffing and maintaining efficient and secure accounting, technology, legal, compliance and client administration teams and processes. Barry is a member of BBR’s Executive, Compliance, Investment, and Operating Committees. Prior to joining BBR, Barry was a founding […]

Marc R. Koslowsky

Marc joined BBR Partners in 2014 and is the Head of the Investment Research team, responsible for managing the BBR’s research team and overseeing the firm’s manager due diligence and monitoring process. He has extensive experience in manager due diligence, portfolio management, asset allocation, and client engagement. Marc is also a member of BBR’s Investment […]