We are a boutique wealth management firm.

Highly customized investment strategies, meticulously bespoke advice, and simplified complexity for a select group of wealthy families.


The BBR Partners difference has always been the people that make up our various communities. Thriving communities and teams, as we know, do not happen by chance. They are the deliberate result of thoughtful leadership, and adherence to a clear set of stated values and characteristics.

See how these principles are applied

You are unique, your wealth should be managed that way.


We are a culture of collaborators.

Steven R. Katz


Partner, Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory

Barry M. Klayman


Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Maya P. Han


Director of Portfolio & Wealth Administration

Jonathan P. Hoffman


Director of Brand Development

Jerry Hsieh


Director of Fund Accounting

Jordan R. Karen


Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory

Marc R. Koslowsky


Partner, Head of Investment Research

Darcy McFadyen


Partner, Head of Operations

Benjamin S. Metzger


Partner, Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory

Jonathan G. Miles


Partner, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Head of Human Resources

Justin A. Molinaro


Partner, Director of Investment Research

Sarah E. Norris


Partner, Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory and Head of BBR Chicago