We integrate all aspects
of a client’s financial life.

Customized Investment Management
Multidisciplinary Wealth
The power of knowing
deeply, and being
deeply known.
Portfolio Administration
& Reporting
& Simplicity.


Not just what we do,
it’s the way we do it.

Our Approach

We understand the requirements of wealthy individuals and families differ significantly from those of other investors. With deep consciousness of unique tax implications, tailored service and insight into family dynamics, BBR fosters an environment where families can thrive.

Collaborative Communication

We work side by side with each client to gain a true understanding of their desires and motivations, developing intentional strategies that meet their needs.

Multigenerational Insight

Whether a client has inherited wealth or recently created it, our goal is to prepare and empower each family member according to their needs, across generations. Depending on interest, we will also design educational programs tailored to meet their knowledge level and preference.

Our Infrastructure

With technology and teamwork, we collaborate to maintain clear and seamless communication in all aspects of our customized portfolio management.

Simplifying Complexity

BBR’s Client Administration Team alleviates administrative burdens, simplifying our clients’ lives. We manage portfolio details, execution and streamline information.