Brett Barth Interviewed by Ted Seides, host of Capital Allocators Podcast Station

Brett Barth, one of BBR’s founders, had the pleasure of being a guest on Ted Seides’ podcast station Capital Allocators, which interviews investors to learn about their investing practices and their employed processes.

Brett and Ted’s discussion ranged from the personal (Brett as a twin, raising twins) to the professional (the early days of BBR). Brett detailed his journey from BBR’s beginning, when it was five people working out of Brett’s apartment, to where they are today, with three offices and over 100 employees. He provided insights into BBR’s investment philosophy and approach to working with wealthy families.

A variety of topics were highlighted throughout the conversation, including the unique structure of BBR’s Investment Research team, the role of active and passive mangers in today’s environment, and the unconventional investments BBR is sourcing for our client portfolios.

We hope that you enjoy this dialogue, and as always, we look forward to any comments or questions you may have.

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