BBR Partners Announces New Partner, Darcy McFadyen


Please join us in congratulating Darcy McFadyen, Head of Operations, on becoming a Partner at BBR. We are thrilled to welcome him to the partnership which has expanded to twenty-two equity partners.

Darcy joined BBR Partners in 2006 and is a Director of Operations, overseeing teams who work on trade and cash execution, reconciliation, pricing, performance, client reporting, and other aspects of data management for the firm. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of maintaining investment data in BBR’s systems and in client investment accounts. Darcy also serves on BBR’s Quality Management Committee.

Previously, Darcy spent 7 years in global custody operations at RBC, then was a Client Portfolio Trader at MD Management.

Darcy holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto.

Darcy enjoys spending time with his family, and loves tennis and fitness. He maintains his lifelong love of the game of hockey, and is a perpetually disappointed yet hopeful fan of his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs.

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