BBR Donates to United Way

This holiday season, BBR wants to honor our clients by helping those recently affected by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. We are proud to support the United Way Hurricane Recovery Funds which provide aid to those impacted by these two storms.

This year, the United Way Network raised more than $86 million for mid- and long-term recovery efforts related to multiple natural disasters, with a focus on education, income and health. BBR’s donation will specifically support United Way’s efforts in rebuilding communities affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael, responding to emerging needs throughout the regions and fighting for the health and safety of every person.

BBR Donates to Americares

This holiday season, as we celebrate with family and friends, we want to honor our clients by helping those affected by the recent hurricanes throughout the US. BBR is proud to support Americares as they provide aid to communities in need throughout Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Since 1979, Americares has been delivering quality medical aid and innovative health programs to people impacted by poverty and disasters. The teams have already provided more than $4.8 million of medicine, supplies and financial assistance to communities across Texas. In Florida, Americares is working to restore health services in storm-damaged towns. Additionally, they have been working with the Department of Health in Puerto Rico to facilitate and manage supply shipments and conduct damage assessments on health facilities.

BBR Donates to CARE

As we approach the holiday season and celebrate with our loved ones and friends, we also want to extend our thoughts to those less fortunate around the world. This year, on your behalf, we are proud to support the non-profit organization CARE in their hurricane releif efforts in Haiti.

CARE works in 95 countries around the world to fight poverty. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew the organization is distributing clean water, food, emergency supplies and providing meals to hundreds of people in evacuation shelters throughout Haiti.

BBR Donates to Crisis Text Line

It is a BBR tradition to make a charitable donation in honor of our clients and friends during the holiday season. This year, we are proud to support Crisis Text Line, a free, 24/7 emotional support hotline service that provides confidential one-on-one assistance via text message. Crisis Text Line’s live counselors practice active listening to help texters find calm, create an action plan to stay safe and healthy, and, if necessary, to trigger an appropriate aid response. We are especially mindful of the many people in need of their support during the holidays.

BBR Donates to Doctors Without Borders

It is a BBR tradition to make a donation in honor of our clients during the holiday season. At the close of 2014, we proudly donate to Doctors Without Borders, a private, international association made up primarily of doctors and healthcare workers. Doctors Without Borders provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters, and to victims of armed conflict, irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political convictions. This year, in particular, we are mindful of people around the world whose daily lives are impacted by difficult circumstances such as the Ebola outbreak and ongoing conflict, and want to support this organization’s work to mitigate those conditions.