Introducing Multidimensional Impact at BBR Partners: Expanding Solutions for Client Families; Stephanie Diamond Joins the Team to Lead the Practice

Introducing Multidimensional Impact at BBR Partners: Expanding Solutions for Client Families; Stephanie Diamond Joins the Team to Lead the Practice NEW YORK, November 15, 2021–( BUSINESS WIRE)– BBR Partners a leading boutique wealth management firm serving wealthy families, announced they are expanding solutions for client families by introducing Multidimensional Impact. Stephanie Diamond, has joined the […]

BBR Partners Co-Founder, Co-CEO Brett Barth and notable friends on the “Capital Allocators” podcast. During a lively discussion, Brett and company opine on COVID, crypto, China, nuances in Private Equity, Diversity and ESG, among other topics. Worth a listen.

Friends Reunion – Five Allocators Riff on Investing Today’s show is a little different from previous ones. Our Chief of Staff, Hank Strmac, had an idea to blend investing with some fun. It turned out I had just the crew. For the last twenty years, four friends and I have met for dinner regularly to […]

BBR Partners Announces New Partner, Darcy McFadyen

  Please join us in congratulating Darcy McFadyen, Head of Operations, on becoming a Partner at BBR. We are thrilled to welcome him to the partnership which has expanded to twenty-two equity partners. Darcy joined BBR Partners in 2006 and is a Director of Operations, overseeing teams who work on trade and cash execution, reconciliation, […]

Moving Announcement

December 18, 2020

After 14 fruitful years at Two Grand Central Plaza (140 East 45th Street), we are excited to announce that effective January 1, 2021, BBR Partners is moving its main office to Park Avenue Plaza at 55 East 52nd Street. Please note that all of our phone numbers will remain the same.

Our new mailing address will be:

BBR Partners, LLC
55 East 52nd Street – 18th Floor
New York, NY 10055

We are excited to make our home in this new space. This new space will accommodate our current and future team on a large floor that has been designed to support our culture of collaboration. The move is a testament to you, our clients and partners, and the good work we have done and will continue to do together. It also reflects our whole-hearted belief in the vibrancy and resiliency of New York City, and our commitment to its future.

While we have adjusted seamlessly to a remote work environment, we strongly believe that creativity and teamwork are more easily achieved in person. At the same time, we remain committed to the safety of our colleagues. We have instituted every possible measure to ensure their continued well-being, and expect the vast majority of our staff will continue to work remotely until it is safe for everyone to return to an in-person work environment.

Park Avenue Plaza is centrally located and, when the time is appropriate, we look forward to showing you around our new home, in person. Please use the link to explore its location, surrounding neighborhood, and amenities.

BBR Votes

BBR is committed to the importance and value of civic engagement. This year we are excited to begin an ongoing initiative called BBR Votes. Its goal is to increase voter participation in elections, provide education and resources, and make sure that all BBR employees have the time and opportunity to vote. As such, we are making Election Day this year and in subsequent years, an official paid BBR Holiday. To further this commitment, we have joined the Time to Vote initiative, a business-led, nonpartisan coalition that aims to increase employer empowered voter participation in U.S. Elections. Check out our video on what voting means to us!