Investing, In a Less Connected World

November 2022 We are pleased to share our perspective on deglobalization from Brett Barth (Co-CEO), Todd Whitenack (Co-Managing Partner), and Sophie Holt (Vice President of Investment Research). Investing in a Less Connected World Persistent Crises Test Globalization Over recent years, a number of developments have exposed the vulnerabilities of global integration; COVID, US-China tension, Russia’s […]

BBR To-Go Episode 8 — Multidimensional Impact with Stephanie Diamond and Sean Apgar

June 2022 Stephanie Diamond, our Director of Impact Driven Client Solutions, joined BBR to design and execute an innovative approach to philanthropic advising we call “Multidimensional Impact” (“MDI”). In the latest episode of BBR To-Go, Partner and Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory, Sean Apgar engages Stephanie in an informative dialogue on the fundamentals of MDI as […]

BBR To-Go Episode 6 — Jennifer Ray and Kat Rosqueta

At BBR Partners we are continuously evolving our thinking about philanthropy and social impact. We and our clients find ourselves tilting charitable efforts toward greater impact and action. It is with this lens that we present the latest installment of BBR To-Go, featuring Kat Rosqueta, founding Executive Director of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice, and Jennifer Ray, Partner and Head of Innovation.

Episode 6- In the course of a fruitful conversation with Jennifer Ray, Partner and Head of Innovation at BBR, Kat illuminates the broad themes of giving with the objective of creating maximum impact. These include not only a definition of High Impact Philanthropy, but importantly its application to topical issues. The magnified effects of COVID on communities of color, and focus on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, are among the subjects covered.

(Runtime- 6:28)

BBR To-Go Episode 4 — Stephanie Gromek and the Honorable Jane Harman

We are are are excited to bring to you what could be described as a “special edition” of our video series, BBR To-Go. It is a highly topical conversation between Co-Managing Partner Stephanie Gromek, and the Honorable Jane Harman, former Congresswoman from California, and the CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Episode 4 – Over the course of a lively discussion, Stephanie and Jane explore potential solutions for “toxic partisanship”, specific issues where executing on a collaborative vision is desirable for both parties, and the critical importance of preserving the sanctity of our elections.

(Runtime- 5:51)

BBR To-Go Episode 3 — Todd Whitenack and Danny Meyer

We are excited to share with you the third installment of our video series BBR To-Go. It features a conversation between Todd Whitenack, BBR Co-Managing Partner, and Danny Meyer, Co-Founder and Partner at Enlightened Hospitality Investments (EHI).

Episode 3 – Todd and Danny cover subject matter that is poignant, topical, and instructional. Topics include Union Square Hospitality Group’s actions to rectify systemic pay imbalance in the industry, thoughts on diversity and achieving related goals, how to measure a person’s “HQ” (hospitality quotient), and the resiliency of New York City.

(Runtime- 6:41)

BBR To-Go Episode 3.2 — Todd Whitenack and Danny Meyer

We are are happy to share with you the second chapter of a conversation between Todd Whitenack, BBR Co-Managing Partner, and Danny Meyer, Co-Founder and Partner at Enlightened Hospitality Investments (EHI).

Episode 3.2 – In the first episode, Todd and Danny spoke broadly about “Enlightened Hospitality” as a valuable operating principle across categories. In this segment, they discuss it a driving force for successful investing. EHI’s purpose is to partner with “growth companies that put people first.”

(Runtime- 7:00)

BBR To-Go Episode 2 — Marc Koslowsky and Rob Kapito

We are proud to introduce BBR To-Go Episode 2: A conversation between Marc Koslowsky, Partner and Head of Research at BBR, and Rob Kapito, Co-founder and President of BlackRock.

Episode 2 – Themes include asset management as a force for good, preserving company culture while working remotely, and a look into Rob’s “crystal ball” on future market conditions.

(Runtime 6:42)